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Rodiola 20 flaconcini da 10ml


DESCRIPTION: Psychostimulating tonic based on Arctic root, Honey, Choline and Scullcap. It brings energy and maintains a high mood in case of emotional or environmental stress, fatigue, seasonal mood disorders, weight loss diets, anxiety due to performance, sport competitions. In a practical format to take anywhere and to be consumed when you feel the need.

CONTENT: Active ingredients in 1 vial: Honey 1,5 g, Arctic root root dry extract 400 mg tit. 3% Rosavin, Choline bitartrate (Choline 50 mg), Scullcap root dry extract 25 mg tit. 95% Baicalin.

HOW TO USE: 1 vial a day pure or diluted in a glass of water.