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Valentine’s Day 2016: hit the mark with the perfect gift!

Discover our hand creams selection to make a present to the ones you love. Delicate creams for soft and velvety hands, ready to cover with cuddles...

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Cosmofarma Exhibition 2015, boom in the number of visits to Farmaderbe

Also this year Farmaderbe took part in Cosmofarma: the most relevant, successful and reference fair event for the health and pharmaceutical workers,...

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Max Color Vegetal

Hypoallergenic colour with 80% of natural ingredients that ensures high covering and intense and bright colour. It is easily applied, does not drip...

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La Rosa Mosqueta

The Rosehip grows wild in the lush valleys of the Andes in Chile, but it is known around the world for the properties of its oil extracted from...

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New regulation on food labeling

On 14th December 2014 came into force the European Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.

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Farmaderbe, renovated establishment in ecological way

The plant Farmaderbe is renewed and becomes eco-sustainable. Last year the work for upgrading the energy efficiency of the office of Pradamano it...

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The volleyball team Farmaderbe Villa Vicentina in in B2

Promotion to B2 is arrived for our girls Farmaderbe Villa Vicentina, protagonists of a division C championship that has seen them always at the top...

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Farmaderbe increasingly friendly of nature and environment

Here are our new display boxes with green soul of recycled cardboard for the environment even more rooted also in the store!

Our green strate

Herbal medicine and Pharmacy are increasingly involved in environmental protection and education.

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Raspberry ketone

This is a new ingredient used in some dietary supplements meant to contribute to weight loss. Products containing Raspberry ketone are sold in Italy...

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