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and development

Farmaderbe develops and creates traditional herbal products, food supplements and natural cosmetics


  • Farmaderbe develops and creates traditional herbal products, food supplements and natural cosmetics collaborating with the most prominent laboratories and with the consultancy of the prestigious universities of Ferrara and Trieste to carry out tests following the strictest scientific protocols. Farmaderbe also supports several research projects in the phytotherpy field as "main sponsor". We especially take part in projects related to native autochthonous plants and to the traditional uses of herbal drugs in our territory in order to promote regional excellence.


  • We are truly committed to recycling and pay close attention to the production process in order to reduce waste production from the source. We use almost exclusively recycled paper or paper derived from controlled deforestation and we use eco-friendly materials for the packaging. The quality of our environment and the respect for our territory are an integral part of our history, culture and background. This is why we decided to invest in a thorough energetic requalification of our plant in order to be more eco-sustainable and energy-efficient; by doing so we also further reduced thermal, electric and CO2 consumption and emissions.

  • Raw

    We pay extra attention when selecting and using only the best raw materials, which come from the most reliable word suppliers, and we prioritize suppliers who ensure continuing relations and safe and tested products. We use plants, plant extracts and vitamin/mineral sources that have been carefully selected for their purity, active substances content, and lack of pollutants so that we can grant the utmost effectiveness and safety.

What Farmaderbe cares about

  • Farmaderbe is particularly sensitive to the gluten intolerance issue and coeliac disease and each batch of our supplements have been tested to determine if gluten is present. The products tested show the “senza glutine – gluten free” sign and many of them have been listed by AIC (Italian Association Coeliac disease) 2014 edition.

  • Farmaderbe cosmetics, eco-dermo compatible products, Sls, Sles, petrolatum and parabens free products are tested for nickel content and are tested for allergens on volunteers in analyses institutions credited by the Italian Ministry for Health. Farmaderbe, since its foundation, has never tested any of its products or raw materials on animals, according to the European ban directive 25/2003/CE and regulation 1223/2009.